Podbit CMS System - with integrated eCommerce


Podbit CMS is a system that publishes content and much more. Content can be anything from text  to products, and the list is limitless. Using a CMS helps to organise content and keep the general style and rules of a site, it is edited in place and stored in a database. Updates are simple and quick, Podbit CMS is based on Apostrophe CMS and will be published full very soon.


This whole site is built on Podbit CMS - zero coding! 


  • Fully Integrated ECommerce solution - without login!
  • QRCode generation for dynamic actions - validate/invalidate code, lookup code, integrated with eCommerce for ticketing like applications
  • Customised Templates - define once use anywhere
  • Diagram Integration with Diagrams.net - Diagram anything!
  • Blogs, with blog widgets for cross linking content
  • Custom Pallettes - Change Colors, Fonts, Spacing, etc. without code in realtime.
  • Visual Effects - Transitions, Paralax, Blur, Filters - all without coding.
  • Image and content Galleries - Swipe, transitions, boxy
  • Twitter, Contact Forms, Email Signup, Custom Forms,  iFrames and Paypal integration
  • Images are automatically resized and made availble in a number of sizes which are selectable
  • City level performance from a single instance, scale out for world level performance. 

Full opensource release coming very soon!


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