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Thursday and Saturday digs to be announced on this page soon. This Sunday we are returning to the Dinton Castle fields following requests be some of our club members to return here. We missed the window due to re-seeding in 2018 and restrictions after that brings us to this year and our second dig on this land. 

There are two fields amounting to over 70-acres of harvested spring barley.

We have detected these two fields once before in the September of 2017. Even though the farmer had years before made just one application of green waste, our members found lovely  Anglo-Saxon artefacts & brooches here. We found that the waste wasn’t that bad but it is only fair too mention it. However, we found it workable but just a little annoying!

Given the location of this land and what was found on that dig, we think it is worth going over again. The two fields are situated adjacent to the field where the Anglo-Saxon inhumations were excavated so there is potential for further finds from the AS era

This well known landmark and folly was built by Sir John Vanhatten in 1769 but digging the footings for the folly which was the site of the old turnpike, revealed skeletons. In subsequent years, the field concerned was excavated by archaeologists where an Anglo-Saxon cemetery was discovered. Grave goods included large square headed brooches, disc brooches and other jewellery items were uncovered.

The location of the graveyard plus images of a skeleton wearing disc brooches can be seen here.


Starts @  9.30am
Ends @ Dusk

Members: £20
Non-members: £23

The digging fee is for detector users only, kids are 1/2 price & non-detecting walk-ons free.

No gates here so carry on digging until dusk!



What3Words: skater.quail.represent

The dig signs are off the A418 Oxford Road on the junction of Cuddington Road/Ford Road & Oxford Road.


Parking will be either on stubble or on a grass area which is suitable for all vehicles.

no smoking

No arrivals before 8.30am

Covid 19 requirements for future Weekend Wanderers Metal Detecting Club meetings

If unwell. First and foremost, if you are suffering from symptoms of Covid 19, that is fever, cough, loss of taste or smell, or obviously feeling unwell, do not attend meetings.

Although the social distancing rule has ben lifted, we feel it prudent to maintain a  sensible distance away which we do as detectorists anyway. So, showing of finds etc is when heads get too close so just be mindful and stay safe.


Weekend Wanderers direction signs are usually in place no earlier than
8.30 am on the morning of a dig. The signs are designed to be easily seen from a distance and stand out against foliage especially in the autumn.

The slats on our signs are 2’ long and have a Weekend Wanderers logo on the header board to avoid confusion with others signs put up for cycle events, film location or car boots etc

www greenery


As the club has suspended digs until Covid numbers improve, we will make up the difference to your membership expiry date by adding on extra months to your subscription. We will make sure you don’t lose out and make the necessary adjustments.


It is still £15 for a years renewal.
Now that digs are underway, subscription reminders will be sent monthly. To renew, please either bring your subs with you in an envelope with your email address on the front or post them.


Weekend Wanderers digs coming up: Waiting for harvesting to finish on the two fields of ours adjacent to Waldridge Manor deserted medieval village in Buckinghamshire., hopefully on August 7th or 8th.


Morestead in Hampshire is in ripe oilseed rape so coming up very soon. We will be visiting sites in Oxfordshire shortly once harvesting is done.


The most popular weather forecasting sites are in this section. 


Please smoke on the hard track and not on the stubble

no smoking

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