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Dig report for Sunday 25th of July at Ropley.

This was a very welcome day out for all our members as this was our first time out since April due to restrictions. A lovely sunny day greeted us as enthusiasts from the club turned up for a great days detecting. The field of barley stubble was massive and had been cut at varying lengths but recent rain softened the ground nicely.

Our previous digs on this field have seen Roman coins and Anglo-Saxon sceats come up from specific areas over this vast field. It was surprising to hear of an Anglo-Saxon sceat coming up from a different area. Also two Roman silver siliquae, four Iron Age brooches and a very rare Iron Age quarter stater were all great results. Mediaeval coins numbered just four in total. We saw two voided short Cross pennies that were full flan, and heard of a Henry V111 coin plus of Charles 1 penny.

Dig report for Thursday 29th of July at Ropley.

A well attended dig that got off to a good start with a superb find in the form of an Anglo-Saxon Stirrup Mount featuring a magnificent howling beast. A rare find indeed! We can never tell what fines will be made at Ropley and this was a very surprising find. Richard popped out some Roman bronze coins on an otherwise quietish field.

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Rob - 29th Jul 2021

Nice find

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